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Occupational Therapy Seminar Listings in North America
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Seminars in the next month:

3/28/2015 - Seattle-Area (Kirkland) , WA - OT - PT
From Ordinary Therapist to Extraordinary Therapist: Integrating Exercise, Manual Techniques & More into Shoulder Rehabilitation to Maximize Patient Function    (more...)
4/4/2015 - Lynnwood , WA - OT
WOTA 2nd Annual Spring Minicon    (more...)
4/10/2015 - Seattle (Kenmore) , WA - OT - PT - Chiro
CranioSacral Therapy - Level 1: The Fascia System of the Body & Head    (more...)
4/10/2015 - St. Louis , MO - OT - PT
Hand Therapy Review Course    (more...)
4/11/2015 - Philadelphia , PA - OT - PT - Chiro
Lymphedema Therapy Certification    (more...)
4/11/2015 - Seattle , WA - PT - Chiro
Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science Court    (more...)
4/16/2015 - Honolulu , HI - OT - PT - SLP
Enhancing Social Communication: An Integrated Approach    (more...)
4/18/2015 - Nashville , TN - OT - PT - Chiro
Lymphedema Therapy Certification    (more...)
4/18/2015 - Seattle , WA - OT - PT
University of Washington Annual Hand Therapy Course 2015: Stuck, Cut, Can't Conduct: Nerve Injuries and Reconstruction    (more...)
4/25/2015 - Seattle-Area (Kirkland) , WA - OT - PT - Chiro
Fundamentals and Advanced Kinesio TapingŪ 1 and 2    (more...)
4/25/2015 - Seattle , WA - OT - PT - Chiro
Advanced Specialty Kinesio TapingŪ 3 and Ortho / Sports KT 4    (more...)
4/25/2015 - Willoughby (Cleveland) , OH - OT - PT - Chiro
M1 Course - Muscle Energy Techniques for Pelvis, Sacrum, Lumbar Spine, and Muscles of the Hip    (more...)
4/25/2015 - Seattle , WA - Chiro
ProSport Chiropractic Seattle 2015    (more...)

Online Courses:

Online The Ins and Outs of Selling Your Private Practice or Therapy Entity  (more...)
by NY Therapy Guide OT - PT - SLP

Online Independent Contractor Vs. Employee Status What EVERYONE Needs to Know and Understand!  (more...)
by NY Therapy Guide OT - PT - SLP

Online Office Ergonomic Evaluator Training Program ON DEMAND  (more...)
by OccuPro OT - PT - Chiro

Online OccuPro FCE + Work Hardening Certification Course ON DEMAND  (more...)
by OccuPro OT - PT - Chiro

Online Work Hardening/Work Conditioning Training Program ON DEMAND  (more...)
by OccuPro OT - PT - Chiro

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