MedRehabWeb is a continuing education listing resource for rehabilitation healthcare professionals.  We have been connecting CE providers with course attendees for nearly a decade.  Our site makes it easy for CE providers to post their seminar information and for OT's, PT's, and all other rehabilitation professionals find continuing education courses in their area of interest.  Our portal highlights upcoming live, webinar, and online CE seminars, courses, and workshops located across North America including:

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  • Chiropractic (DC) continuing education
  • Dental professional (DDS/DMD) continuing medical education
  • Licensed acupuncture (LAC) workshops
  • Licensed massage therapist (LMP) continuing education
  • Naturopathic (ND) courses
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  • Physical therapy assistant (PTA) courses
  • Speech-language pathology (SLP) courses

We recently added a powerful SEARCH filter which will help you find OT, PT, ATC, SLP, LMP, dental, and chiropractic continuing education courses, seminars and workshops easily and quickly.  We offer a catalogue of continuing education subjects including:  Annual Conferences; Ergonomics and Industrial Rehabilitation; Functional Capacity and Job Demands Analysis; Geriatric Rehabilitation; Hand and UE Rehabilitation; Kinesio Taping Courses; Lymphedema Workshops; Manual Therapy and Craniosacral courses; Neurologic Rehabilitation; Orthopedic Classes; and Pediatric Seminars. 

Looking for a Seminar in the next 30 days? Select a seminar style below:

11/24/18 - Phoenix, AZ - OT - PT - Chiro
Lymphedema Therapy Certification    (more...)

11/30/18 - New York, NY PT
MT-2 Essential Spinal Seminar    (more...)

11/30/18 - Fairfax, VA PT
MT-2 Essential Spinal Seminar    (more...)

11/30/18 - Charlotte, NC PT AT
MT-ST: Stabilization Training and Functional Rehabilitation    (more...)

11/30/18 - St. Louis, MO PT
MT-3 Intermediate Spinal    (more...)

11/30/18 - Telford, PA PT
MT-3 Intermediate Spinal    (more...)

11/30/18 - Riverhead, NY PT
MT-UC Upper Cervical Dysfunction    (more...)

11/30/18 - Arlington, VA PT
MT-4: Differential Assessment and Clinical Reasoning    (more...)

12/1/18 - Nashville, TN PT
MT-G Geriatric Manual Therapy    (more...)

12/1/18 - Oakland, CA - OT - PT - Chiro - AT - Dentist
CETS: Employment Testing and Job Site Analysis Certification Workshop    (more...)

12/1/18 - Atlanta, GA - OT - PT - Chiro
Lymphedema Therapy Certification    (more...)

12/8/18 - New York (Midtown Manhattan), NY - OT - PT - Chiro - AT
Scrape, Tape, Cup & Glide: Restoring Space, Motion, & Slack for Restricted Neural Dynamics of the Upper Quarter    (more...)

12/8/18 - Tampa, FL - OT - PT - Chiro
Lymphedema Therapy Certification    (more...)

12/9/18 - New York (Midtown Manhattan), NY - OT - PT - SLP - Chiro - AT
Kinesio TapingĀ® Advanced Techniques and Clinical Reasoning (formerly KT3)    (more...)

Assorted Topics

CE for CHIRO, PT, PTA, OT, COTA, ATC, and LMP (more...)
by Online CE - OT - PT - Chiro

Suicide Prevention  (more...)
by Washington OT Association - OT

Ergonomics & Industrial Rehabilitation

Advanced Office Ergonomics Assessment Specialist Certification  (more...)
by The Back School - OT - PT - Chiro

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Anti-Aging Certificate Program (more...)
by Online CE - OT - PT - Chiro

Hand & Upper Extremity

Hand Therapy: Dupuytren's Disease (more...)
by Online CE - OT - PT

Hand Therapy 101: Hand, Elbow and Shoulder: Core Knowledge in Orthopedics (more...)
by Online CE - OT - PT


Neuropathic Pain for Chiropractors (more...)
by Online CE Chiro


Feeding Intervention 101 (more...)
by Online CE - OT - SLP

12/6/18 - 1 pm and 7 pm EST - OT - PT - SLP
The Skill That Connects Us: PT, OT, SLP: The Latest and Future of Dual Task Testing and Training    (more...)