Pediatric Hand Therapy and Orthotic Intervention (Splinting) for Musculoskeletal Conditions- Live Seminar

Date: 06/08/18- 06/09/18

Time: All Day

City/State: Kansas City, MO

Discipline(s): OT PT

Subject: Pediatric

Seminar Sponsor: Rehab Education, LLC

Phone Number: (845) 368-2458

Contact Email:

Website/Register: Click Here

Pediatric patients are different from adult patients and can pose many challenges. This specialized hands-on two-day course will be a valuable learning opportunity for a pediatric therapist who is challenged by the orthopedic issues that arise when treating musculoskeletal conditions and for hand therapists who treat adults and are challenged when faced with a pediatric patient. Participants will learn strategies to successfully meet these challenges and understand approaches for evaluating, treating, and providing orthoses (splints) and home programs for the pediatric patient with musculoskeletal conditions.  

Attendees will gain knowledge and skill through lecture with questions & answers, demonstrations, orthotic fabrication labs, and case scenarios with group analysis and discussion focusing on planning treatment, therapy ideas, orthoses recommendations, and goals setting. The information will be presented with support from evidence-based information regarding normal hand development, evaluation, and therapeutic and orthotic intervention. Attendees will successfully create and design 9 orthoses (splints).

Course includes review of:


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