Electrical Stimulation: Enhancing Pediatric Outcomes- Live Seminar

Date: 11/02/18- 11/03/18

Time: All Day

City/State: Dallas, TX

Discipline(s): OT PT

Subject: Pediatric

Seminar Sponsor: Rehab Education, LLC

Phone Number: (845) 368-2458

Contact Email: Info@RehabEd.com

Website/Register: Click Here

Learn to appropriately select parameters for using TENS and FES to enhance treatment protocols specifically for the pediatric population. 

Specialty applications, which reference the differences between Neurologic and Orthopedic diagnoses will be reviewed.  Specific protocols for shoulder subluxation, rhomboid stabilization, brachial plexus injuries, and facial paralysis will be reviewed and practiced in lab. Review of TENS and FES, including parameter selection for chronic pain, muscle strengthening, and neuromuscular rehabilitation will be discussed. Recent research will be reviewed for electrical modalities, with contraindications specifically referring to Pediatrics. Prior exposure and/or knowledge of modalities & anatomy is helpful to maximize learning experience.

The educational information is presented in combination with intensive hands-on lab format. The presentation style is relaxed, with the instructor willing to answer questions throughout the class.  Labs are set up to allow equipment for each set of therapist partners, insuring that participants are comfortable with both the theoretical constructs, the physical set up of the equipment, and the actual outcome expected when working with pediatric patients.

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