Brachial Plexus and Upper Extremity Peripheral Nerve Injuries- Live Seminar

Date: 04/21/18- 04/22/18

Time: All Day

City/State: Urbana, IL

Discipline(s): OT PT AT

Subject: Hand & Upper Extremity

Seminar Sponsor: Rehab Education, LLC

Phone Number: 845-368-2458

Contact Email:

Website/Register: Click Here

This comprehensive course is designed to enhance understanding of the impact of brachial plexus and upper extremity peripheral nerve injuries. Through lecture and hands-on lab sessions, participants will solidify their knowledge of anatomy of the brachial plexus, upper extremity peripheral nerves and the muscles that they innervate, and the biological and physiological consequences of nerve trauma and neuropathies.

Participants will learn to sequentially assess nerve dysfunctions in various regions of the upper extremity, understand the principles of nerve, free muscle, and tendon transfers, and systematically design treatment and orthotic intervention for UE nerve injuries. Additional hands-on lab sessions focus on testing and evaluating specific entrapment neuropathies and nerve gliding exercises.

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