Clinical Examination and Manual Therapy of the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Cervicothoracic Junction- Live Seminar

Date: 08/25/18- 08/26/18

Time: 8:00 am

Location/Facility: Elite Physical Therapy

City/State: Kansas City, MO

Discipline(s): OT PT AT

Subject: Orthopedic

Seminar Sponsor: IAOM-US

Phone Number: (520) 977-2573

Contact Email:

Website/Register: Click Here


Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Cervicothoracic Junction and

Course Description and Content Focus Statement:

This hybrid (8 hours of online content plus 2 day live) IAOM-US course is appropriate for PT’s, PTA’s, OT’s, OTA’s.  The IAOM-US teaches that the essential starting point for orthopedic care is accurate clinical diagnosis.  IAOM courses and resources present effective manual orthopedic techniques established by leaders in the field.  Scientific and clinical research and evidence provides the foundation for the entire program and philosophy.

The region of the cervicothoracic junction and the common pathology of thoracic outlet syndrome are not well understood in medical literature and in the clinical setting. This course begins with a detailed description of the cervicothoracic junction anatomy and biomechanics, then presents thoracic outlet anatomy as related to thoracic outlet syndrome, TOS. Differential diagnosis is taught from the most common to the lease common pathologies and regions: 1) TOS, 2) ribs (1 to 3), and 3) cervicothoracic junction. Management suggestions start with local treatment techniques addressing soft tissue and joint dysfunctions commonly involved in TOS, then progress to the ribs, and lastly to the vertical kinetic chain of C7 to T4 spinal column. Management proceeds with treatment of shoulder girdle dysfunctions, part of the horizontal kinetic chain, which has a significant influence on all of the above. The course ends with case studies, and questions and answers.

Course Format and Method of Instruction:
ONLINE:         Diagnosis and Management of the
Cervicothoracic Junction and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

This is a self-pace on-line course available 24/7. It is segmented into lecture modules plus module assessments to gauge your understanding (must meet a minimum score prior to moving to the next module). You are able to start and stop your viewing time as needed. You will have access to the course slides and study guides through the online system. Your course certificate will be available for you to print upon completion of the course.

HYBRID*:       Clinical Examination and Manual Therapy of the Cervicothoracic Junction and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

*The Hybrid course includes the online course above. The live portion of the HYBRID course begins Saturday at 8:00am (7:30 for registration) until 6:00pm and Sunday from 8:00am until 3:00pm. You will receive a printed course manual during registration on the first day of the course. You will receive access to the course evaluation on the Monday following the course. Once the evaluation is complete you will be able to print out your course certificate.


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