Clinical Examination and Manual Therapy of the Wrist and Thumb- Live Seminar

Date: 10/06/18- 10/07/18

Time: 8:00 am

Location/Facility: OrthoCarolina

City/State: Charlotte, NC

Discipline(s): OT PT AT

Subject: Orthopedic

Seminar Sponsor: IAOM-US

Phone Number: (520) 977-2573

Contact Email:

Website/Register: Click Here

Clinical Examination and Manual Therapy of the Wrist & Thumb

This hybrid (8 hrs of online content plus two day live) IAOM-US course is appropriate for PTs, PTAs, OTs and OTAs.  The IAOM-US teaches that the essential starting point for orthopedic care is accurate clinical diagnosis.  IAOM courses and resources present effective manual orthopedic techniques established by leaders in the field.  Scientific and clinical research provides the foundation for the entire program.

In this course we present advancements in patho-anatomy and pathomechanics as they relate to the wrist and thumb complex.  Colleagues will learn details of surface anatomy, the basic functional examination and special tests, followed by discussion on interpretation of functional examination.

Trapeziometacarpal Joint anatomy, osteokinematics, arthrokinematics, joint specific testing and mobilization techniques will be presented and modeled.  Instability of the wrist, patho-anatomy, testing and treatment will be covered, as well, as will soft tissue lesions, diagnosis and treatment. Case studies are discussed.

Course Format and Method of Instruction:

8 hrs of this course is a self-pace on-line course available 24/7. It is segmented into lecture modules plus module assessments to gauge your understanding (must meet a minimum score prior to moving to the next module). You are able to start and stop your viewing time as needed. Your course certificate will be available for you to print upon completion of the course.

The LIVE portion of this course offers live lecture and extensive hands-on lab demonstrating and modeling techniques. Powerpoint presentations are used and participants receive a manual with all course materials printed.

We have designed this program to allow flexibility in learning and opportunities for review.  The emphasis on theoretical content in the online experience is designed to complement the emphasis on hands-on experiences in the two-day live course.  In order to optimize the connection between the theoretical content and hands-on experience, each individual has six months** to review online information; this includes three months before and three months after attending the two-day live course.

The hands-on experience at the two-day live courses emphasizes teaching and practicing clinical examination, differential diagnosis, management development, and orthopedic manual therapy.  This experience focuses on techniques and problem solving, as well as clinical analysis, synthesis and application via case studies.


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