M2 Course – Muscle Energy Techniques for the Ribs, Thoracic, Cervical Spine and Shoulder Interface- Live Seminar

Date: 10/06/18- 10/07/18

Time: 8 am - 5 pm

Location/Facility: 36200 Euclid Ave. #5

City/State: Cleveland-Area (Willoughby), OH

Discipline(s): OT PT LMP Chiro AT

Subject: Orthopedic

Seminar Sponsor: Alternative HealthCare Solutions

Phone Number: (440) 918-0836

Contact Email: tom@tomocklerpt.com

Website/Register: Click Here


This course covers detailed techniques for the neck, general shoulder techniques, and specific treatments for the thoracic vertebrae and the ribs. This includes techniques for balancing the occiput on the atlas, the atlas on the axis, and other techniques for the rest of the cervical vertebrae. Also, Tom shows techniques to assess and re-align each thoracic vertebrae, and how to correct rib dysfunctions such as ribs that are stuck in inhalation, exhilation, and compressed ribs. On the muscular side, the course shows many releases for the neck/shoulder region that can be done before the joints are addressed.


This two-day course involves a mix of theory, demonstration and hands on practice. Actual evaluation and treatments will be performed by each participant using the methods learned.  Plenty of time is allotted for hands on practice as well as questions and discussion.





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