Specialty Neurological Concepts of the Kinesio TapingĀ® Method: Influencing the Adult Nervous System ( KT4) - Live Seminar

Date: 09/16/18

Time: 8 am - 5:30 pm

City/State: Richmond, VA

Discipline(s): OT PT LMP SLP Chiro AT

Subject: Kinesiotaping

Seminar Sponsor: Rehab Education, LLC

Phone Number: (845) 368-2458

Contact Email: Info@RehabEd.com

Website/Register: Click Here

A Kinesio University approved course. The KT4 Neurology course builds on and expands techniques learned in the KT1, KT2, and KT3 courses. This course addresses variations in nervous system status. The attendees will develop treatment strategies and practice extensive Kinesio Taping techniques to address a wide variety of issues encountered when treating patients with neurological diseases. Some examples include: CVA, CP, ALS, MD, MS, and TBI.

The course considers other physiological systems which impact patient considerations when working with the trunk and extremities. Developing, recovering, and deteriorating nervous system patients are investigated, strategies planned, and KinesioTaping techniques practiced.

Requirements to fulfill your prerequisites: 

Kinesio Taping Assessments, Fundamental Concepts and Techniques (Formerly KT1/2)

Kinesio Taping® Advanced Techniques and Clinical Reasoning (Formerly KT3)


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