The Skill That Connects Us: PT, OT, SLP: The Latest and Future of Dual Task Testing and Training- Webinar

Date: 12/06/18

Time: 1 pm and 7 pm EST

Discipline(s): OT PT SLP

Subject: Neurologic

Seminar Sponsor: Mobility Research - Institute of Continuing Education

Phone Number: (480) 829-1727

Contact Email:

Website/Register: Click Here

Why are some movements “automatic”, processed without direct and consistent conscious control, or even resistant to environmental distractions? How do movements become automatic in the unimpaired learner and begin again in those with brain injury or other impairment? In this webinar, we will review, APPLY, and ADVANCE the science of procedural learning (regaining automatic function) in gait, speech, ADL, athletics and more! We will review how the best applications of dual task facilitate the transfer of experiences into procedural memories. Additionally, attendees will get a sneak peek into the emerging world of Dual Task Fitness, for the benefit of fall prevention, ADL, speech for those with fall risk, MCI, concussion, some PD, MS, ALS, and stroke.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 


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